Leevene Boat Repair

Leevene Oy is a reliable boat repair and maintenance specialist with more than 30 years of experience in boat repair and maintenance.

Boat Repair Service

Leevene has over 30 years of experience in repairing and servicing of recreational boats. Our facilities are located in Helsinki and Turku, Finland.
Venekorjaamo Leevene Helsinki

Leevene boat repair service

We specialise in all-year-round damage repair for fiberglass boats • We offer both larger body and keel repairs as well as minor repairs for fiberglass boats and their parts • Repair yard meets ISO 9001 quality standards and we have an environmental management system in place • Damage checks and repair estimates are also available

Venekorjaamo Leevene Helsinki

Leevene Helsinki

Leevene HELSINKI, Lauttasaari
Veneentekijäntie 11, 00210 Helsinki
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Tel: +358 10 239 2300
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Welcome to our Boat repair Facility

Leevene has operations in both Helsinki and Turku. In Helsinki , our damage repair yard is centrally located on Lauttasaari just west of downtown Helsinki.
Venekorjaamo Leevene Helsinki

• Leevene boat repair service specialises in all-year-round repairs of fiberglass boats. Typical projects include collision, docking and wrecking damage repairs.

• We deliver both large body and keel repairs as well as minor repairs to fiberglass boats and their parts such as rudders.

• We have plenty of space for repair work including two heated repair halls with seven repair frames.

• Our own dock with lifting and docking equipment and piers ensures speedy lifting of boats following an accident. Our trusted partners will transport even the larger vessels for repair from all over Finland.

• We offer damage repairs for all domestic and several foreign boat insurers. Our services also include damage inspections and repair estimates.

• We are ISO 9001 certified and have an environmental management system in place.


Boat Repair Service Leevene HELSINKI

Boat repairs and reinforced plastic works:

Hourly rate 89,50€ / h (incl. VAT)

Jettien korjaus Venekorjaamo Helsinki


Hourly rate 89,50€ / h (incl. VAT).

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Lifting or launching

All boats that are brought to Leevene for repair or maintenance, storage, docking or for sale, must be insured with a boat insurance. The insurance must cover both damage to the customer’s boat as well as potential damage caused to another party.


Boat weight Lifting price (incl. 24% VAT)
Below 1,5t 250 €
1,5 – 4 t 300 €
4 – 7 t 400 €
7 – 10 t 480 €
10 – 13 t 750 €
13 – 15 t 1000 €
15 – 18 t 1200 €
18 – 25 t 1400 €
25 – 40 t Please ask for proposal

Land transportation

Outside Leevene docking area -18t 140 € / h (incl. VAT)

Land transportation

Outside Leevene docking area over 18 tn 375 € / h (incl. VAT)

Mast lowering or lifting

10€ / 10 feet of the boat length (over 40 feet on proposal) (incl. VAT)

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Our repair yard meets ISO 9001 quality standards.


Boat Repair Service Leevene HELSINKI

Instructions for ordering

Instructions for ordering

When the work is done on behalf of an insurance company the person ordering the work must be the owner of the work object or someone authorized by them.

If the customer wishes to carry out any additional work in connection with the insurance repair, the order for the additional work must be placed as early as possible

Damage report
Damage must be reported to the insurance company before the insurance company can issue a repair permit. Delivering a copy of the damage report for Leevene is also recommended.
If there are any special requirements regarding lifting, handling or supporting the boat, the customer must inform Leevene about these.
The customer takes care of undoing/doing the sails, boom, ropes etc. before the mast is lowered/lifted unless otherwise agreed. This also applies for mast wiring cables. Boats to be repaired in the autumn after the sailing season must be brought to the workshop without a mast.
Removal of personal items and valuables before repairs
Before the work starts, any personal, sensitive or valuable items must be removed from that part of the boat where the work will take place.
Septic tank
Septic tank must be emptied before the boat is brought to the workshop
Frost protection and covering
The frost protection of the engine, water systems, toilet etc. is not normally work covered by the insurance. Such work must be ordered separately. Covering the boat before the work or after completion of the work must be agreed upon separately.
Transporting the boat to the facility
Get in touch with Leevene staff beforehand to discuss transportation. Leevene has trusted transportation partners, recommended for land transportations.
It is required that any boat to be repaired or docked with Leevene must be insured for docking, fire, theft and other possible damage.
Mooring the boat
The boat must be securely moored with the fenders put on both sides even if no other boats are adjacent. The boat is at the customer’s risk and responsibility until Leevene has received it.
Boat keys
Keys to any boat brought to Leevene must be delivered to Leevene's customer service point. They can also be left in the key box at the customer service point as long as labelled with name and contact details. (the key box has labels, pencils etc.) If the main switch is in difficult to find, please include instructions on the label.
Contact details:
Customer service jori.kaunisto(at)leevene.fi or 010 239 2303
Workshop manager nino.hallikainen(at)leevene.fi or 010 239 2304
Workshop manager jan.hallikainen(at)leevene.fi or 010 239 2306
We also have an emergency line operating outside the opening hours: 010 239 2302
Collecting the boat
The boat must be collected at the agreed time.
Leevene Oy adheres to the terms and conditions of the Finnish Boat Association Finnboat Ry, approved by the Consumer Ombudsman

Instructions for ordering (PDF)

Map (above) (PDF)

Boat Repair Facility Leevene HELSINKI

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Boat Repair Service Leevene HELSINKI

Leevene also has a boat repair facility in Turku (Satava) specialising in boat maintenance and damage repairs.